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Nyssa Castle



  • Pre&Post-OP Recovery Yoga Therapy: including accompanying my clients in the OR when and if possible.

  • Injury Recovery Yoga Therapy

  • Cancer-Care Yoga Therapy

  • Meditation Therapy

  • Marma Point Therapy

  • Yoga Therapy for Mental and Emotional Health

  • Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy

  • Women's Health Yoga Therapy

  • Prenatal Yoga Therapy

  • Postpartum Recovery Yoga Therapy: pelvic floor, core health, hernias, diastase, prolapses, healing nerves, and reducing scar tissue & stretch marks.

  • “Yoo Fai” - Thai postpartum recovery: nourish and enhance healing for women in a depleted state, these wonderful treatments are best done during the first 6 weeks postpartum. Read more www.thenaturalisticyogi.com

Yoga Therapy is unlike group classroom yoga, it's designed as individualized care! These one-on-one health appointments are focused according to your specific goals. Yoga Therapy combines small and gentle guided movement, marma point therapy, breath-work, meditation, and Ayurveda with a modern scientific understanding of kinesiology, neurology, anatomy, and physiology. Yoga Therapy promotes balance through micro-movements and creates a powerfully healing environment for the body. This retraining of the neuro-muscular connection promotes healing of body, mind, and soul from the inside out! Tissue can change and healing is possible, even in prolonged situations. I fundamentally believe that structure, nerves, and memories stored in tissue can heal. Yoga Therapy is for people who believe their levels of pain, fatigue, injury, tightness, anxiety, and tension, or stress are standing between themselves and the rest of their lives.

Yoga Therapy is a balanced and mindful approach to health, that enables you to develop deep connection, awareness, and a sense of ease. A great deal of strength and agility can arise when we move without pain or fear of pain! Yoga Therapy has the ability to unlock many closed doors! There is so much freedom in pure movement! My clients have found better function and less pain through the Yoga Therapy techniques I offer, and in some cases, eliminating their pain entirely.

For more information or to book an appointment please contact Nyssa Castle by phone or email.

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