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Mt. Hood Natural Health, LLC

22400 SE Stark St.

Suite 105

Gresham, Oregon 97030

Appointment hours vary by practitioner.

Please note that some of us offer reception services and some do not. 

To  reach us by phone:

Please call the particular service(s) you would like to contact, as each business has its own phone line.

Thank you.

Photo credits are too varied to list here, but may be found by visiting each business' own website. 


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Traditional Thai Massage in Gresham, OR; Six Elements Bodywork, Sarah K. Carl, LMT
Reusi Dat Ton, Thai "Yoga"; Thai Masasge & Bodywork in Gresham, Oregon

Sarah K. Carl, LMT OBMT #11624

  • Thai Massage & Bodywork
  • Thai Herbal Therapies
  • Reusi Dat Ton/Thai "Yoga"

Thai bodywork is a form of holistic medical massage. It is rooted in traditional Thai medicine and draws on a comprehensive set of theory and techniques to help the body function at its best and recover from harm. 

Each session can look vastly different from another. They can also look very different from one practitioner to another. 

What to expect with Six Elements Bodywork:

My work is generally focused on medical Thai bodywork, so I enjoy working with injuries, postural imbalances, nerve symptoms, joint pain, exhaustion, and such. Also, all things belly-- abdominal massage, women's reproductive health and postpartum care are becoming more of a focus as well. This is the core of our body and such fun to work with!

I generally work on a floor mat using hands, arms, legs, feet, herbal therapies and tools. Sessions often include postural evaluation, taking wrist or body pulses, questions about life and daily habits. I may teach breath work or other exercises from Reusi Dat Ton (Thai "Yoga"). Most sessions can be gentle or deep. Some of our deep tissue techniques are among the deepest I have seen. Some of the gentle ones can feel as light as cranio-sacral touch.

This work has helped people recover from auto accidents, broken bones, sprains and strains, adrenal fatigue, IBS, PTSD, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, scoliosis, headaches, joint pain, back pain and more. It is also helpful for prenatal and especially postpartum therapies. 

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Reusi Dat Ton (Thai "Yoga"):

Reusi Dat Ton (Reusi pronounced ROO- SEE) shares roots with yoga from India, yet each has its own rich and complete system. In this way, they are like cousins. 


RDT is a set of teachings and practices including daily habits, nutrition, breath work, stationary and moving exercises, stretches, meditations, visualizations and more. It has been used to improve range of motion, physical strength, mental health, focus & concentration, injury recovery, sleep patterns and much more.


This system, little understood outside of Thailand, forms a foundation for Thai bodywork and is an integral part of traditional Thai medicine.

For class information, see my RDT web page.

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Sarah Carl


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