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Mt. Hood Natural Health, LLC

22400 SE Stark St.

Suite 105

Gresham, Oregon 97030

Appointment hours vary by practitioner.

Please note that some of us offer reception services and some do not. 

To  reach us by phone:

Please call the particular service(s) you would like to contact, as each business has its own phone line.

Thank you.

Photo credits are too varied to list here, but may be found by visiting each business' own website. 


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Traditional Thai Healing: Massage, Herbal Therapies, Thai "Yoga"


The body speaks my language. I feel completely at home in the company of pulse beats, tendon tugging, gnarly twisted fascia mazes, breath directing, trigger point melting, and intricate connections of movement. This is how Thai bodywork first hooked me- it was like learning a new dance.


I knew Thai therapies were right for me from the first class I took. I started getting to know the form, received my massage license and in 2005, I started my business. Then I began the ever deepening study into Thai medicine. The curriculum includes theory, history, many manual techniques, herbal remedies, Reusi Dat Ton (Thai “Yoga”) and Buddhism. Today, the accumulation of this extensive training makes for a unique type of healing session that can range from a simple massage to a surprising adventure led by body, mind and spirit. I deeply enjoy unwinding and retraining the body/mind throughout the various ages and stages of life.

Sessions can focus on pain, injuries, nerve symptoms like numbness, pinching or even paralysis, joint pain, prenatal & postpartum therapies, abdominal/digestive function, physical support for anxiety, depression and other mental/emotional symptoms, improving athletic performance and more. My work is detailed and thorough which leads to a more complete resolution that is less likely to return later. Read more about Thai therapies. ​

I also teach a group Reusi Dat Ton class here at the MHNH clinic. It is usually unlike anything else people have done before. From office workers to avid yogis, students report great benefits resulting from the class. Space is limited in order to give more personalized attention. Join the mailing list and sign up for each class you would like to attend. Read more about RDT. ​​


OBMT #11624 

Sarah K. Carl, LMT