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My career in Acupuncture happened by accident. I had been studying to become a Naturopath when I first experienced the wonders of Acupuncture. I was suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome and had been informed that surgery was my best option for eliminating the pain I waas experiencing. When a friend recommended that I try acupunture, I of course said that it was entirely out of the question! "Are you kidding," I replied... "I am totally needle phobic." Weeks passed and my pain only continued to worsen. I finally decided to consult my brother who had received acupuncture 20 years earlier while suffering from back pain. If his memory served him correctly, after a few treatments, he was virtually pain free and the treatments had not been "too bad." I tried physical therapy and I purchased a wrist brace, both of which turned out to be ineffective. Another month passed and things were definitely not improving. (I liken it to the "check engine" light in the car- it can only be ignored for so long! In fact, most of us will fix the car before we fix ourselves!) The time  had finally come to call for a "consultation."

I was still reluctant to actually have a treatment but I would at least go talk with an acupuncturist. I remember Rose to this day, so kind, warm and agreeable to my concerns and requests. I left my "consultation"/tretament that day with considerably less pain. The following day I returned for another treatment and by day three my pain level had decreased by at least 50%. Within the two weeks I received a total of five treatments and I was virtually FREE of pain. Not only wa I amazed that my pain was basically gone and the rate at which it occurred but I was VERY curious bout how it all worked. 

I wanted to know how she chose the "points", what on earth was this thing called "Qi", and why hadn't my doctor recommended acupuncture along with my physical therapy referral?


From that point on (no pun intended!) I was on a new path studying Chinese medicine and acupucnture. After graduating from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in 2002, I joined Healing Way Acupuncture, formerly Community Healthcare, and now I am owner of Full Circle Acupuncture and Herbal Clinic. Today, I treat patients suffering from pain, stress, allergies, headaches, sleep disorders, menstrual disorders, infertility and much more. If you have questions about whether acupucnture may work for you or someone you care for, please feel free to call our office for a consultation.

Rebecca Herrin, LAc

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