Vibrant Family Medicine & Midwifery

Katheine Zieman, ND, LM
Jill Tuner, ND, LM
Madeliene Portuondo, ND

Jill Turner, ND, Midwife

Katherine Zieman, ND, Midwife

Madeleine Portuondo, ND, Midwife

  • Primary Care for Men, Women and Children

  • Herbal Medicine

  • Nutritional Counseling

  • Homeopathy

  • Midwifery

About Vibrant Family Medicine:

Our naturopathic family physicians establish relationships by taking the time to be thorough, getting to know you, and by working with each person or family individually. Through a careful history, we strive to determine the cause of your difficulty. We then develop individualized treatments, blending both alternative and conventional therapies when appropriate. We provide continuity of care from infancy to maturity through all life stages. We offer midwifery care including home and water births.

Katherine Zieman, ND, LM; Vibrant Family Medicine and Midwifery
Jill Edwards, ND, LM; midwifery

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