At Mt. Hood Natural Health we offer acupuncture, chiropractic care, counseling, massage, midwifery and primary care naturopathy. Our full spectrum of care offers many tools for:

Musculo-skeletal Issues
chronic pain - muscle sprains & strains - fibromyalgia - subluxations - whiplash - migraine - headache - back pain - neck pain - structural imbalances - scoliosis - poor circulation - acute injuries - auto or work related injuries - sports injuries - arthritis

Emotional/ Behavioral Issues:
anxiety - depression - ADD/ADHD - autism spectrum

trauma recovery - postpartum & parenting challenges

Digestive Issues:
irritable bowel syndrome - colitis - Crohn’s disease - celiac disease

Hormonal Balancing:
thyroid - adrenal - men’s hormones - women’s hormones - PMS - menopause

allergies - colds & flu - fatigue - weak immune function - diabetes - acne - eczema psoriasis - heart disease - high cholesterol - hypertension - rheumatoid arthritis - asthma - bronchitis - food intolerances - candida - sore throat - auto-immune disorders
strep throat - bladder infections - sinus infections - ear infections - gynecology - infertility

And more...


Acupuncture & Chinese medicine at Mt. Hood Natural Health

Conditions Treated

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Mt. Hood Natural Health, LLC

22400 SE Stark St.

Suite 105

Gresham, Oregon 97030

Appointment hours vary by practitioner.

Please note that some of us offer reception services and some do not. 

To  reach us by phone:

Please call the particular service(s) you would like to contact, as each business has its own phone line.

Thank you.

Photo credits are too varied to list here, but may be found by visiting each business' own website. 


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Thai Massage at Mt. Hood Natural Health in Gresham, OR.